The First Sail

On the 12th of June 2021 Supeta set sail on it's maiden voyage with a small group of Scouts from 3rd / 5th that had put alot of time and effort into helping the project.

The scouts met at 1pm for a safety briefing, to get their kit on and prepare the boat to cast off. Tom Smith launched the boat under power and once she was off the pontoon each of the scouts were given the chance to get a feel for the yacht under power. They had several goes each at manouvering the vessel around the harbour whilst we waited for the lock gates to open.

When the lock gates were ready Tom took the helm and carefully navigated Supeta into the narrow lock. The scouts were all briefed on what they needed to do at this point, having met a few evenings before to run through what the crew needs to do.

They leapt into action, attatching fenders to the side of the yacht we were to moor up against and preparing lines to tie off to secure the boat in the lock. As we approached the berth in the lock, lines were thrown round the cleats and securely tied off.

We sat in the lock for about 10 minutes as the water drained out at a tremendous speed. Janet Mockridge, the kind donor of the yacht, was there to wave us off, it was lovely to see you!

As the lock gates opened and we were given the green light, Tom gave the instruction to slip bow and stern and she headed out under power. The scouts knew exactly what to do and were brilliant at this point, as we emerged from the lock they began pulling up the fenders and coiling up the lines as we prepared to head out to sea.

As we exited the harbour mouth, the controls were handed back to the scouts. They hoisted the Jib and Mizzen sails up whilst one was at the helm. Once the sails were up the engine was switched off and we set sail towards the wind farm!

The main sail was then hoisted up and each of the scouts took turns at the helm, operating the mizzen, jib and the main sheet under the watchfull instruction of Steve Popple and Randy Erskine.

It was a lovely sight to finally see this magnificent yacht out at sea after 4 years of extensive refurbishment work, a massive thank you to Tom Smith for all your hard work seeing this project through to completion.

Date Created: 23/06/2021 Author: Jamie Hull