What we do

SUPETA offers young people of all backgrounds, abilities and disabilities the rare chance to experience sailing and living on an ocean going yacht. They will learn new skills and to work as a team stretching their abilities physically and mentally. There is no ‘whatever or leave it until later’ attitude while on board.

They have to go for it relying on each other to become a skilled crew getting the yacht to move speedily through the water by day and night whilst looking after each other’s safety and wellbeing. Each person learning to steer in all weathers making the best use of wind and tides.

Under engine power control a very large yacht when in harbour. Plot courses to where they want to go and get there. Qualified and youth trained adult crew pass on skills in a safe but fun exciting way. Previous experience has found young people relish such activities and go ashore better and more capable. Also it is hope to encourage adults less able to enjoy under ‘Sailability’ type days. Special drop down access steps have been fitted and SUPETA has a large sheltered cockpit. This will be the only Scout charity yacht of its type on this stretch of the south coast so a unique facility.

You want adventure, fun and action, SUPETA is waiting for you!